About the project

The RELOBIE project (2014-2016) has created this guide on how to use videos in education to improve learning results.

The guide helps teaching staff on all levels of education to modernize teaching concepts, to save teachers’ time and to offer the possibility effectively to produce material for e-learning and open online courses.

The RELOBIE guide consists of 49 interviews which have been filmed, and the extensive written material on this site. Extra focus has been given to pedagogical aspects. Experienced teachers tell about the do’s and don’ts, about practical issues to consider, and give hands-on advice for producing material.

RELOBIE Video Guide – All Videos

The interviews also give practical guidelines on planning the production, what to consider when filming people.

As the project abbreviation stands for Reusable Learning Objects in Education, the guide also emphasizes the fact that video is much more than a person talking. A video can consist of graphics, images and audio.

But Reusable learning objects can also be audio files, those being quite handy for instance in language teaching.

With the technical equipment we carry today on a daily basis (smart phones) it is very easy to produce high quality photo, film and audio material – inspiring new elements to freshen up our courses.

The project team hopes that the guide will be of use, and that you and your colleagues will get new ideas from it. Please spread the word if you find it useful. The guide has been made for you and your colleagues!