Overcoming barriers to the educational use of videos

Supporting and training teachers

Dr Dimitrios Vlachopoulos, Director of the Distance Education Unit of the European University Cyprus, Assistant Professor at the Department of Educational Sciences specializing in Distance Education and Instructional Technology

All faculty should receive ongoing training, short periods, two hours, three hours but during the whole semester. In these trainings we should provide them with tips and programs of how to use multimedia in their teaching process. I believe this is the key to help the instructors during the semester and support them, by offering tutorials, assisting them when they try to create their first video, to have someone next to them as an assistant. This is the key element for success and for introducing multimedia in teaching.

First of all we shouldn’t be embarrassed or guilty of what we create because we are not professionals in creating videos.  We want the best resources for our teaching and we want to be the best, so sometimes when we don’t create the best video we don’t feel comfortable. However this is a learning curve. It is inevitable to start with a not so excellent result and to keep improving. So this is the first thing not to feel discourage that I cannot do that or I am not good in multimedia. It is a learning curve that little by little you become better. The second tip is to be updated and check what kind of tools we have at our disposal for creating videos.

It is not obligatory to convince everybody and also it is not important that everybody uses videos. Because if you do not really believe in that, if you don’t really invest time it is better not to use them, because then the use of the videos is not going to be adequate. So my advice would be check your faculty members who have already done things on that and take their example as a starting point for your work.

Analyzing some concerns: will videos replace teachers ?

Videos are an excellent resource but they will not replace face to face teaching and learning.

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