What kind of videos can I do?

Types of videos for study purposes

RELOBIE Guide on What kind of Videos

Lecture recording refers to the process of recording and archiving the content of a lecture, conference, or seminar. It consists of hardware and software components that work in synergy to record audio and visual components of the lecture. Lecture recording is often used in the flipped classroom learning model as a means to provide materials outside of traditional lectures or seminars. Students are able to self-study by playing back and interacting with recorded lectures. (Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lecture_recording)

There are several different types of videos for study purposes:

  1. Lecture captures
  2. Video lectures
  3. Video presentations
  4. Learning videos

Types of videos: http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=9080 (Enno Kaasik, University of Tartu IT department, in Estonian)

Lectures captures

The lecture capture is a video recording of presentation or lecture, which takes place in front of the audience. Duration is typically the same as traditional lecture (2 academic hours).

The lecture capture is therefore a normal classroom lecture with teacher in front of the classroom, writes on the board, shows the slides and interacts with the audience. The only difference is that there is the camera in auditorium which records everything.

This option is suitable for teachers well because they are accustomed to speak in front of students and certainly it is easier to talk when you see people and their reactions, can communicate with them if it is necessary to refine or repeat.

Example: http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=18615

Video lectures

Video lecture is recording of presentation or lecture which is recorded without audience. Video lecture can be used in case when teacher can not held the lecture at the usual time in classroom, records it in advance and ensures that students have access to video. Video lecture may be, for example, recorded in the studio, the lecturer’s office or other places. Teacher communicates with the camera only. As there is no audience, many professors complain that it is difficult for them, and requires a certain mastery of the actor that it would be good to look after.

In case of video lecture, the presentation or lecture will be held in recording purposes only. The duration of video lecture may be varied from a few minutes to several hours.

During editing video lectures can be combined with slides, pictures or other materials.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BogGbA0hC3k

Video presentations

Video presentation is educational material which is enriched with multimedia elements and includes usually a video and slideshow. Video and slides are usually synchronized.

Video presentations should be interactive and contain self-control questions, which give the viewer the opportunity to check their understanding and obtain feedback.

A simple video presentation can be a usual slide presentation, which is converted to a video format.

Example: http://www.ut.ee/haridustehnoloogia/peavalud/2013/2PPV/2PPV/2PPV.html

Learning videos

Learning video bases on a scenario and consists in setting the theme, theme development which describes various processes and relationship between theme and the summary. Usually learning video is like performance which is often performed with the help of actors. The duration of learning video also varies.

Example 1: http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=20857

Example 2: http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=7184

Example 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIrDMEU4Pxs