What are videos used for in the teaching and learning process?

Which learning objectives and pedagogical goals can be met using videos? Why choose to integrate videos into a course design?

In education videos can be used as object of study itself or as a resource to enhance learning.

In this case, videos may be used to achieve different educational goals as to deliver information, to illustrate real situations, to motivate or to complement teacher discourse.

Testimonial by Clara Almeida Santos, Vice-Rector at The University of Coimbra, Portugal


My teaching activity is in the area of image, television and journalism and, therefore, due to the very content of the material, the use of video is very common to give examples of good and bad practices, good and bad videos, good and bad reports. So, I use video as academic material itself, as teaching material, as I would use a text or an image or other resources in other disciplines. I cannot conceive, even, to teach certain subjects without showing and visualize them, accordingly with the object of study.

But I also use the video as enhancer of learning. Not as an object of study, in the case I mentioned earlier, but also to help shed some light on the matter. There is a huge pool of videos available on the Internet, online and other places where we can get resources for teaching and learning that in fact are ready to be used. Let’s hope that we know how to adapt them to our programs and to our courses. When we have a class that lasts two hours, possibly three, we can reward our discourse with other ways to explain the matter, which brings advantages for students.