Are videos an effective instructional tool?

Do videos promote learning? Do they motivate students? If yes how do you know it is effective/motivational – what types of evidence have you found in your own practice?

There is already evidence that videos can be powerful tools to enhance teaching and learning.

Testimonial by Clara Almeida Santos, Vice-Rector at University of Coimbra, Portugal


Latelly, as a result of some research that I’ve done about the use of video in higher education institutions we noticed that various studies show that the material is better understood by students if there is a transmission using video. This means that the same material presented in a oral format versus an audiovisual format, when made a test to the students, the students that had an audiovisual support were able to have a better comprehension of the material. Obviously, this points out the importance of using video, because it allows in many different subjects, some more than others, a visualization of what is being discussed.

Video is a tool that young people are used to, the brain is acquainted to feel and accept well video

Testimonial by Vitor Carvalho, student at University of Coimbra, Portugal


I believe that people increasingly apply video as an effective tool, a tool that underlines and promotes knowledge and learning. and a tool that i do think it is useful. Video is a tool that young people are used to, through youtube and movies, and we can somehow state that the brain is acquainted to feel and accept weel video. Therefore, and also for a better understandment of the content that the professor is exposing, the presence of video has its benefits.

I do think video is an excellent tool in the formative and educational context/environment. Therefore, i do consider that it enriches pedagogy and the transmission of knowledge.

Visualization is a powerful way of learning

Testimonial by Cristina Martins, Teacher at University of Coimbra, Portugal

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